Storage Cover
Storage Cover to protect a refrigeration module


Industrial tarpaulins





LK Industrial Covers works closely with small & large businesses in the industry sector providing tarpaulins, PVC and canvas protective tarps, to enable your services to run effectively.

LK Industrial Covers have provided tarps and canopies for market stalls (indoor and outdoor), fair ground ride protective covers and have also provided tarpaulins for specialist and one off retail stalls including the Manchester Christmas Market.

Other areas include; airport luggage trolley covers, pallet covers, skip hire covers, banners, scaffolding sheets, tarpaulins, restoration sheets, box covers and padded covers.

Padded protective covers and PVC Covers

Padded covers are made in PVC and available to cover fragile and expensive items including electrical and medical products as well as lighting and musical instruments.

Padded covers are made in PVC coated nylon, with various thicknesses in padding upon request. Padded covers can also come with a clear pocket pouch for ID, or product data.

industrial coverssliding canopy coverndustry
  • Market stall canopies
  • Christmas market canopies
  • Luggage trolley covers
  • Pallet covers
  • Skip covers
  • Padded covers
  • Banners
  • Scaffolding
  • Tarpaulins
airport luggage covers
 Airport Luggage Trailer Cover

Restoration tarpaulins

Restoration tarps are made in PVC vinyl to a standard size of 20’ x 12’. Each sheet can be left blank or be sign written to your own design. Sheets can also be made to your own specification if they are different from our standard sizes.

Luggage trailer Covers

We manufacture protective airport luggage trolley canopies that are strong, durable & waterproof. These can be made upon request to your design and specification.