•                      PVC padded trampoline frame covers

Trampolene frame padding

Protective Padded Covers

Protective padded covers are in high demand! With businesses, families and individuals aware of the importance of protecting fragile and expensive equipment often from being damaged whilst in transit or from being damaged by the weather. Our padded covers are made in PVC coated nylon, with various levels of thickness in padding upon request. Padded Covers can also come with clear pocket pouch for identification purposes including product data. Padded Covers can be made to your specification, including specified shaped items.



We used foam of various sizes and widths to make covers for various appliances and equipment like trampolines, gym floor mats, Boxing/Cage fighting ring corner covers. We make padded covers to keep expensive pieces of equipment safe whilst in transportation. Items such as computer equipment, outdoor bar covers, speakers/music decks, TV cameras and theatre lighting.


                    Poly Vinyl Padded cover with flame retardant canvas                                                     
   Padded medical machinery covers shaped for ease of movement between sites.
   Flame retardant canvas bottom fixed to the padded covers, giving them a multitude of applications.   
                                            PVC padded covers          
PVC Padded merchandise can also be used within sporting activities. PVC padded mattresses which are used in gymnasiums can be made to your specification including depth, width and height of foam.

Recently a padded cover has been produced by LK to create a safe play area for children on board a ship.

See picture below. This order was finished off with Velcro fastenings. 

                        Protective pillar cover

Protective padded cover for pillars