American Civil War Re-Enactment Tents


LK Industrial covers manufacture American civil war tents and other re-enactment products.

Hospital tents, officers tents, sutlers stalls,bed rolls,A frame tents.

Typical sizes for tents are 

A frame  6' long x 9' wide x 6'6"high

             9' longx 9' wide x  6'6" high

Officer tents  9'long x 9'wide  x 7'high with  3' or 4' walls

                   12'long x 9'wide x 7'high with  3' or 4' walls

                   12'long x 12'wide x 7' high with  3' or 4' walls

Hospital tents  12'long x 12'wide x 8'high with  4' walls

Doors can be butted up closed or with a door flap, dutch lacing is also available.

Our Tents are made from 15oz proofed canvas, and can be made basic or with a variety of add ons, including mud walling and ground sheets.

Pole can also be ordered as extra's                                              

Other canvas colours can be supplied on request,ground sheets and fly sheets can also be supplied.

Extras include, door flaps, mud walling, reinforcements for  the roof, a choice of eyelets and pegging tapes. split poles, canvas holdall, extra doors. We can also manufacture any bespoke request to your specification.

 Aframe tents

 Officers tent image                                        

Officers tent