Sports Covers, boxing ring canvas and rope covers.

LK manufacture covers for all sorts of sports including boxing ring canvas, cage vinyls, mixed martial arts and cricket pitch protection covers, padding, gymnasium floor vinyls.

Quality cage vinyls, mma vinyls, pvc floor covers.

With the increase in popularity of cage fighting in the UK, LK Industrial Covers have been working locally and nationally to produce quality cage ring vinyls.

Similarly boxing ring covers to be used during training and also individual boxing ring canvas designed for one-off specials for fight nights can be embossed with your logo.

Covers and floor canvas can be produced for all types of Martial Arts and Wrestling

Multi-Sport Usage

LK Industrial Covers work in other sporting fields including cricket and trampolining.

We can create cricket pitch covers that will protect the pitch from frost and water logging.

Trampolining- replacement tramp mats, PVC covered mattresses and floor covers to be used in a gymnasium.

Sports Covers

  • Cricket pitch cover (crease)
  • Fitted boat covers
  • Pram hood boat covers
  • Re-enactment tents- American/English civil war. Sealed Knot
  • Padded gym mats
  •  mma Gym floor covers

We specialize in the manufacturing of Boxing Ring Canvasses with corners cut out to suit your Boxing Ring & fastened down with either eyelets or velcro.
Call 0161 724 8007 and ask about our made to measure products

Boxing Ring Canvas

Boxing Ring canvas is typically square in shape from 12’x12’ up to 24’x24’. The cover is made from 14/15oz canvas. The cover is finished with 3” overlapping flap and eyeleted

Cage Ring Vinyl

Octagon cage vinyl’s can be made to your own specification in a variety of colours. Typically sizes start from 14’ to 24’. All vinyl’s are complete with reinforced corners (to cut round post) finished with eyelet or Velcro fastening as per customer specification.

MMA floor vinyls and pvc floor coverings

PVC Boxing Ring Rope Covers

PVC Boxing Ring Rope Covers with Velcro fastenings are available in various colours including the traditional red white and blue. Rope covers can be made to cover rope diameter from 25mm up to 45mm. Covers are priced by the meter and can be supplied in any mix of colours. Please get in touch to discuss price and specification 0161 724 8007