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Finished boxing ring with rope covers, canvas and aprons 

boxing ring canvas

 ring canvas and aprons,rope covers


LK covers manufacture covers for boxing rings. Whether your boxing ring is a standard size or home made we can cover it!

Boxing ring canvas and floor canvas can be produced for all types of Martial Arts and Wrestling arenas.

A Boxing Ring canvas is typically square in shape from 12’x12’ up to 24’x24’, however we can also provide the covers to your own specification. The cover is made from 14/15oz proofed canvas. The cover comes complete with reinforced corner cut outs and is finished with 3” overlapping flaps on each side and can be eyeleted if requested.
The boxing ring canvas can be produced in black, blue, green and red.
Tarpaulins and covers can be manufactured at ant size to suit your venue
Velcro can also be sewn on to fasten down the canvas, or can be sewn on the canvas to fix advertising banners to your cover.
 LK covers also manufacture PVC rope covers for your boxing rings. These are made out of 610 gms PVC and are fastened with Velcro, and are made to protect you from rope burns and compliment the look of your boxing ring. we can manufacture these covers in a colour to suit your club colours.
  Boxing ring aprons from 610 gms vinyl are popular , and are ideal to finish of the look of the boxing ring.
  Below --  Octagonal canvas boxing ring and blue and black boxing ring canvas' ready to be layed



 Boxing ring rope covers with velcro fastenings, made from 610 gms pvc from any primary colour in any mix of colour


Boxing ring rope coversboxing rope covers
 rope covers