Cage ring floor vinyls - Vinyl floor covers - boxing vinyls

Our cage ring vinyls are made from 610gms PVC coated nylon. They are heat welded and are edged with webbing to reinforce the eyelets.

The corners are reinforced to allow easy cutting around the post for self fit.

We manufacture octagons, hexagons and also make shapes that fit the room you train in.

Vinyl floor covers are made to your requirements and can be finished with eyeleted hems or left open for you to batten down to the floor.

Basic colours are available for the cage floor covers, and you can also have your club logo sign written or Vinyl markings on to it.

Your artwork would be required for any printing and prices would be subject to the logo size and textures.

Vinyl floor covers

Our Vinyl floor covers are made from eithe 580 gms or 610 gms PVC coated nylon. They can be made up into any size you require and finished in any shape needed to fit into your room.

They are ideal for covering over old matts and foam  that may have deteriorated with age, covering them with one of our Vinyls will add life to them , and will give you a larger training area.

MMA cage floor Vinyls complete with reinforced corners for ease of fitting to your cage floor,made from various colours. Logos signwritten or Vinyl letterings applied
Cage Ring Vinyl

Cage Ring Vinyls manufactured from 610 gms coated Nylon

Vinyl lettering applied to MMA cage ring floor Vinyl

Vinyl lettering and Logo



Vinyl floor covers